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Brilliant Beaches

Quiet, flat sands and great winds make our beaches ideal for sunshine holidays and all kinds of water sports for both the experienced and novices alike

You don’t have to do anything with our miles and miles of sand except lie on it or make the occasional sandcastle. But that does seem a bit of a waste of an awful lot of space! Even a game of beach cricket won’t stretch that far, unless you’ve brought Freddie Flintoff on holiday with you.

What you need is a land board, a kite buggy or a sand yacht. They’re getting more and more popular. Maybe it’s because they offer all the thrills of traditional watersports but without getting wet.

All you need is a sea breeze – check. And plenty of sand – double check. Before you know it, our glorious beach will just be a golden blur.


Beach Lifeguards operate on and around the beaches in Rhyl, from Whit half-term in May until the first week of September. Our main concern is your safety so keep an eye on the flags, follow our advice and we’ll to ensure that you have a safe and enjoyable time. They’re fully qualified in open water rescue skills, life support and first aid. And they’re equipped with a rapid response 4×4, two all-terrain vehicles, defibrillators and oxygen. All mighty reassuring, even if you just have a scraped knee or a touch of sunburn.

Fully qualified lifeguards watch over our zoned bathing areas, and we occasionally patrol the non-zoned areas as well giving out safety advice and responding to incidents, throughout the season.

While we’re working, we keep a safe eye on the bathing areas, give out safety advice and tourist information, and administer first aid. For further information on our beaches water quality, please visit Denbighshire County website.
Our core hours are 10am-4:30pm but obviously when the sun is cracking the flags, we’ll be there much longer. If the red and yellow flags are flying then you’ll know they’re keeping a protective eye on you and your family.
Rhyl Beaches

Dogs Welcome

We know how much dogs love the seaside. So we’ve tried to make our beaches as dog-friendly as possible. It’s just that from May to September they have to stick to their own stretched of sand.

The quietest and widest stretches, naturally. Dogs are welcome anytime from Old Golf Road in Rhyl all the way to Frith beach in Prestatyn. Just as long as they’re on a lead.

In the summer season, the central beaches in Rhyl are for humans only. Sorry but we don’t want them knocking over and sandcastles.

Rhyl Central Beach

Has the Seaside Award flag, which means that the water achieves a set quality, and the beach is clean, safe and well managed. As this is our busiest beach, there is a restriction on dogs from May – September.

Opposite the top of the High Street is the main resort beach and the busiest beach in Rhyl During the season our lifeguards will keep an eye on you to ensure your safety in and out of the water, and deal with any issues that arise, so that you have an enjoyable visit. Don’t forget if you’re on our beaches, the tides go in and out, so don’t get caught out on a sandbank when there is an incoming tide, check the tide times and stay safe.

Splash Point Rhyl

Splash Point is our dog friendly beach, and it’s where pooches can stretch their legs at anytime, in or out of season. Access onto the beach is at certain points as the sea walls are quite high, between the beach and the prom. If you’re taking your dog onto the beach at Old Golf Road, head east and you’ve got a few miles of beach where you can go unrestricted.

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Rhyl East Beach

Stretching from the Coastguard station past the Pavilion Theatre and onto Old Golf Road, Rhyl East is a much quieter beach, away from the hustle and bustle of Rhyl West and Rhyl Central. It’s a nice place to relax and enjoy the views. Try and spot the Little Orme, Snowdonia, The Vale Of Clwyd, The Wirral, and on a clear day you should even be able to see Anglesey. Dogs are restricted on Rhyl East during the season from May – September. The beach here is also fully accessible when using our specially designed access ramp with our sand friendly wheelchairs which are available to hire for free from the Lifeguards during the season.

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