Sumang Oriental Store

12 Wellington Rd, Rhyl LL18 1BG

07725 837575

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Topnotch shop. Without this shop I would have gone back to my village. The seller, Mr Lito is very welcoming and makes you feel at home. He's friendly and respectful. He has got all native foods for Africans as well as Asians. He also does home deliveries. Without Sumang Oriental shop I would have never felt at home in this part of the UK. Thank you Mr Lito


Having lived in central London I was pretty much spoilt for choice getting hold of authentic Chinese ingredients so discovering Sumang's tucked inconspicuously away in Rhyl's Wellington road was an absolute pleasure. A small shop with a vast array of Filipino and Chinese produce including fresh fruit and veg, if like me you take your oriental cuisine pretty seriously and live local, Sumang's is a must, the guys that run it are great fun and always happy to help however be warned, it's very easy to overspend there!


Love this little gem of a shop. Go in twice a week to pick up some goodies. Huge selection of Raman noodles. Very good and helpful if you need any advice. Got some great Korean BBQ sauce from here too! Lito is super friendly and helpful. I will never buy Thai ingredients from anywhere else. My food is restaurant standard with all the fresh ingredients thanks to Lito 5*