Lyons Winkups Amusements

Lyons Winkups Amusements, 9EN, Towyn Rd, Towyn, Abergele

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Great arcade, I was in there most days and got to know the staff very well. Great bunch of people who keep the place nice and clean. Dave.. St Helens.


I used to go here when I was younger my mum and dad used to rent a caravan in a caravan park in Towyn next to the black cat amusements arcade & because it was so close by I was allowed to come to this Winkups amusements yes the amusements machines haven't changed in a long time but at least they are good for the money you can play the penny pushers & easily stay within budget provided you don't go over your set limit......


it's a very good place to while away a few spare hours when there's nothing to watch on the TV, Great fun had with the kids with nice little prizes for tickets collected