Knightly’s Chippy

Knightly's Chippy, Sandbank Rd, Towyn, Abergele LL22 9LD

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Love this chippy! Every time we're in Towyn even for the day, this is the place we go. Food is lovely, they cook most of the things to order so you do have to wait but at least you know the food is fresh. It does get really busy at lunch time and in the evening.


Great find, the freshly cooked fish was amazing. Service was excellent, the lady quickly caught on i had dogs with me and served me peeping through the door. Nice to find a local for a chippy t. Thank you


Portion sizes are very generous and the food is delicious. Best chips we’ve ever had. Staff were also very friendly - Nice chippy. Chips were nicely cooked with lovely crispy ones. Fish was nice and tasty and the portion sizes were good!